In our papaya nursery the next products are being produced, all without the use of chemical pesticides:

Papaya fruit: The ripe papaya fruit has a yellow/orange colour and is very vulnerable. The flesh of the fruit has an orange colour and has a sweet taste.

In tropical areas, specially in Asia, the fruit is often used in the green and unripe stage as a vegetable. The good characteristics are allready fully present in these green fruits.


The price of the ripe fruit is € 2,45 a piece

The price of the green fruit is € 1,95 a piece

Papaya leaves: The fresh leaves of the papayaplant are used in salades, but also to tenderise meat by wrapping a leaf around the meat for a few hours.

The price of fresh papaya leaf is € 1,00 a piece

Papaya leaf tea: The leaves of the papayaplant are dried and processed into papayaleaf tea.

The price of papayaleaf tea is € 4,95 a bag

The price of a reclosable large package wich contains 0,5 kilo is € 64,95


Newly available: papaya/lavendel tea

The price of papaya/lavendel tea is € 4,95 a bag

Dried papaya seeds: The papaya seeds from the ripe fruit are washed and dried and packed in a reclosable container.

A package contains about five tablespoons of dried papaya seeds.

The price of dried papaya seeds is € 4,95 a package