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Papaya is a plant wich is very common in the tropics and is also called melon tree, named after the large fruit that grows on the stem of the plant.

In its natural habitat the papayaplant is highly appreciated because of its many medicinal characteristics wich are found  in every part of the plant.

The fruit as well as the tea made from dried papaya leaves are used to fight stomach- and intestinal complaints, various forms of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Because of the large amount of quality's that increase the wellbeing of the human body the indians of South America call papaya 'fruit for a long life'. In the Caribean the juice of sqeezed papayaleaves is used to supress the symptoms of Chikungunya and Dengue fever.

(Source: Papaya the healing fruit by Harald W. Tietze)

In our nursery no pesticides are being used to fight diceases or plagues wich can occur in the papaya plants. The natural enemys of harmfull insects are used to keep the plants healthy. Because only biological means are used it is no problem to also use the peel of the fruit and the leaves while they are free of chemicals.

If you are interested and want to try if papaya can help you in any way, we kindly invite you to our webshop where the products we offer can be purchased. Of course when you are in our neighbourhood feel free to visit our nursery in Waarland.